Ways to Donate

There are several ways to donate to our project!

Monetary donations received help to continue the great work that is currently undertaken which is offering over 30 free workshops every year to members of the community learning permaculture practices including food security, community building and earth-friendly earth-care strategies.

Also see other ways to donate at the bottom of this page.

Fill in the form that follows and pay using the PayPal or Debit or Credit Card links to make a contribution to the operations and work that Ngapeke Permaculture undertakes for its community.


Here are other ways to support our very important work!

You may be able to assist us in other ways such as donating equipment, volunteering your time and/or expertise, gifting trees or seeds. If any of these resonate with you, then click on the image below to learn more.




Get Involved with Ngapeke Permaculture