Become a Tree Parent

The Ngapeke Food Forest will be home to a huge number of trees and plants providing a number of benefits including; food for the community, timber for building, shelter for wildlife, building the soil structure, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, and fixing nitrogen into the soil, a food source for wildlife just to name a few.

While we have some of the foundation trees in place we are continually looking for more to add to the Food Forest. This is your opportunity to become a ‘tree parent’ and be part of the Ngapeke Food Forest experience. Or perhaps you would like to donate the tree in memory of your loved one, human or animal.

  • We will:
    • Purchase the tree you have chosen if available (or we will suggest one to you that is available)
    • Ensure safe delivery of your tree to the Ngapeke Food Forest if we don’t already have it.
    • Plant it out into the food forest and send you a pic of it there.
    • Have a personalised marker made for the tree as follows,… ‘(your name) is the parent of this tree’… 0r… ‘In loving memory of (the person or pets name)’. It’s your choice.
    • Update you on how the tree is doing.

Choose a tree from the list that follows and fill out the form below. If you would like to have more hands-on involvement with your tree, please tell us more in the message section. **Note – If for some reason we are not able to source the tree of your choice, we’ll be in touch so you can choose another.

Get Involved with Ngapeke Permaculture