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NGAPEKE Permaculture is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Permaculture Project situated on Kaiwha Road at the Ngapeke No. 7 land-block in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, Aotearoa NZ. The land is a 16.625 hectares of freehold Maori land.

In 2018 the 'Trustees of 'Ngapeke 7' decided that there was more that could be done with the land-block. A project that could enlist locals and whanau or families to realise the full potential of the block and its surroundings including the community around it. Creating a way of life that works with the ENVIRONMENT and not against it.

So it began, creating a space on Kaiwha Road where whanau or families have opportunities to learn and explore Cultural LAND and ENVIRONMENTAL Values such as KAITIAKITANGA, using Permaculture Principles as a tool.


A member of our team can work with you on all aspects of permaculture and buisness

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Kaiwha Road
Welcome Bay
Tauranga 3175


Tel: 027 426 1120