Donate Heirlooms

We are always on the lookout for Heirloom trees and seeds. Heirlooms are heritage varieties with a story about how ‘way-back-when’ it started its life. The story will include the people of many generations of the same family or community who passed the seed or self-seeded tree seedlings to others.

Over the years the seeds may have traveled to many parts of the world and may still exist today in people’s yards. Unfortunately, many heirlooms and the fruit they bore are lost!

But for those that still exist, they have most certainly built a very strong resistance to common-day diseases and pest problems. So, they are very much valued not just for their story but for their resilience too.

The varieties are usually only available through specialist growers (for sale) who understand the importance of keeping these varieties going for a World where the future is uncertain.

We would love to be a ‘Kaitiaki’ and keeper of as many of these heirlooms as we understand their importance to the World! They will be planted in our Food-forest and we would be grateful for any donation between $40 and $70 to purchase one of these beauties! Fill in the form that follows to let us know that this is what you would like to do.

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