Planting Nitrogen Fixing Trees and Shrubs

Planting Nitrogen Fixing Trees On Farms Is a good thing! Nitrogen fixing trees are good for farms, so it’s important to plant them there.

Nitrogen fixing trees provide much needed nutrients to the soil. If the trees are located in the field for a long enough time, they can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers thereby saving money for the farmer, and the environment.

February Progress At Ngapeke Permaculture

We got to a point where the section was finally cleared of unwanted structures and weeds including the kiwifruit vine. The ground was very uneven and pitted in places so we evened it out using a bobcat. We also took the whole of the perimeter fence down which was old and not functional anymore. Then … Read more

Before we get started…..

17 December 2019 There was a fair bit of overgrowth and rubbish on the site that needed to be cleared away.  Also the big issue of an overgrown feral kiwifruit vine whose sheer weight was crushing the half round shed. The first step was knocking down the tough grass and fennel.  The intention was to … Read more

The Vision

At a Ngapeke 7 Trust meeting in November 2018, the trustees and owners discussed a vision for the land block , looking at possible opportunities that will protect the land for future generations, is environmentally sensitive and also provides some return for owners. The concept of developing the block using principles of permacuture was readily agreed … Read more